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CARE Clinic has witnessed the growth of many patients. Discovering treatment options for your mental health or substance use disorders can present many questions and challenges. Our facility works effortlessly to imbue patience and understanding as you heal. At a CARE Clinic facility, our staff evaluates your needs to address your entire being.

Addiction is a complex disease that requires many approaches for the maximum outcome. The continuum of care is designed to address each stage of addiction recovery to maximize positive outcomes. The road to recovery is not a straightforward path but with plentiful support, you can achieve beyond what you imagined. Your cooperation can be a rewarding experience.

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CARE Clinic employs many evidence-based therapies to guide you on this process. Your mental and physical well-being are both a priority. Psychotherapy is a resourceful tool for mental health conditions. Substance user disorders can be treated through a mixture of detoxification, psychotherapy, and support groups.

Picture what awaits you at the end of your hard work. The skills you develop at CARE Clinic can liberate you from the shackles of substance use and mental health symptoms. Each step you take towards recovery will enrich your horizons for everlasting change. You’re stronger than you think and CARE Clinic knows.

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