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Our mission is to provide high quality, outcome focused drug/alcohol addiction recovery and mental health services that empower individuals to attain a lifestyle characterized by independence, personal health, and prosperity.

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CARE Clinic prioritizes quality care and result-oriented techniques to empower patients to heal with confidence. Mental illness and substance use disorder can present unique obstacles to those struggling. CARE Clinic understands that this journey requires both discipline and empathy towards achieving our patients goals.

Millions of Americans struggle with either a substance use disorder, mental health disorder, or both, finding care that suits your needs can leave you in a dizzy state.


All testimonials are directly from CARE Clinic's patients. To protect their identity, model representation has been used.
CARE Clinic is the best thing to ever happen to me and my family

After being in an abusive relationship, turning to drugs was the only comfort that I could find. At that point in my life, not even my toddler could stop me from wanting to use. No matter how hard I tried to stop (not even begging/pleading with myself to stop for my daughter and husband), nothing was ever enough; until I found CARE Clinic. I walked into the clinic scared and anxious about what my life was going to be like. I had lost everything, including custody of my daughter. When I was met with friendly faces and warm embracing smiles, all the anxiety melted away. Dr. Edwards went over the treatment plan and rules, which is what I excepted. What I didn’t expect was for him to ask about my life, where I saw myself, what I wanted to be, and how I could accomplish it. He always asked what was going on in my life. Not only did he genuinely cared about what was happening, but he also wanted to know how it would affect me and my new found sobriety. The first few weeks I would call everyday. He and his staff were always there ready to help. From helping with why my family didn’t understand how hard this was, to helping cope with adjusting to the medicine, they were ALWAYS there. This isn’t just a clinic that shoves pills down your throat and try to keep you on the medication for the rest of your life. This is a clinic that actually cares about your life and what’s going on with it. I have my daughter back, a nice house, a new car, and everything I thought I would never be able to have when I was being held back by my addiction. CARE Clinic is a second family, even when I’m done with the treatment, I know they will always be there."

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Look no further, because CARE Clinic optimizes treatment for you or a loved one. Witness how your growth can nourish itself from within. The days of low self-worth and compulsions could be behind you. Take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle through CARE Clinic. Our mission is to guide you to the version of yourself you seek to become. At CARE Clinic, we can help you achieve optimum health! A new life is available by simply contacting us today!

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Addiction is a disease that affects every area of an individual’s life. It can be far beyond difficult, even impossible, for those who struggle with it to break free without help. This is why CARE Clinic offers addiction treatment in Mississippi, providing struggling individuals with hope and guidance throughout recovery.

At CARE Clinic, our mission is to equip our clients with the most important and effective tools for addiction recovery. In an effort to do so, we offer a variety of treatment programs, working to address the unique and personal needs of our patients.

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Mental Health Programs

Mental health is commonly co-occurring disorder in addiction treatment. It’s often hard to determine which came first, the addiction or the mental health disorder. In many cases, addiction develops as a result of soothing the mental health disorder. In other cases, a mental health disorder results as part of the addiction.

Either way, CARE Clinic offers several different treatment options to help individuals overcome both addiction and mental health disorders.

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Mental Health Treatment

Mental health is characterized as our emotional and psychological well-being. It dictates how we feel, what we think, and how we act. Many people face struggles, disorders, and challenges with mental health and can sometimes feel lost in their heads.

As one of the best mental health facilities in Mississippi, CARE Clinic is here to help you get to a happier and healthier state of mind. We understand the delicate and patient journey up ahead, that’s why we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

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